Surprise I’m Engaged!

Surprise I’m Engaged. For my first Wedding Wednesday post, I thought I’d introduce my finance and share how we met.
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Wedding Wednesday | No. 1


I’m getting married. If you follow me on my personal Instagram account, you already knew this. Buuut, if you don’t or you’re new to my blog: Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m engaged. Well… I’ve been engaged since October.

My finance and I decided to put all wedding talk on the back burner until we moved and settled into our new house. AND LET ME TELL YOU, that was a process. So, now that we’re moved in, have a few rooms painted, and are no longer living in a box maze, I’m diving head first into all things wedding.

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Since there is so much that goes into the planning process, I figured, why not share it with the world? Each Wednesday, I’m going to be sharing a little about where I am in the planning process. From the wedding dress to the cake (and hopefully not too many breakdowns), I’m excited to share my grand wedding vision.


For my first Wedding Wednesday post, I thought I’d introduce my finance and share how we met.

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Fiance: Jake

Age: 25

Astrological Sign: Leo

How We Met: It was May 2017. I was a senior in college and a week away from walking across the graduation stage. At my university, seniors had the opportunity to stay on campus for the week between the last day of finals and graduation. It was kinda a last hurrah type thing. To summarize, it’s for seniors to drink 24/7, their livers soaked in cheap alcohol, and bop around from activity to activity.

In true Sophie fashion, one night after getting in a fight with my senior week fling and throwing my drink at a wall, I angrily began my walk back to my dorm. While on this solo journey, a police car drove up beside me and the officer asked me where I was going. Without breaking my stride, I put my hand up, looked him dead in the eyes, and said “I’m fine.” He laughed and said “Sophie, where are you going?” Again, I stuck to my story.

Well, somehow he convinced me to get in the car. As we began to drive to my dorm, I noticed there was another officer there. He was new and I was about to make a lasting impression. I proceeded to tell this new officer that I stalked him in the yearbook and we were going to be best friends next year (I had taken a graduate position at the university… so we would be working together). Of course, this entire story is what I was told later by the two officers. I don’t remember a thing.

Turns out, I did become friends with the new officer. And eventually, we began dating, moved in together, and boom here we are now.

TL;DR: I got so drunk, I blacked out, and ended up in the back of a police car.  I was sooo charming one of the officers asked me out and we got engaged two years later.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed our little love story. Let me know if you have any questions about the wedding planning process or anything else!

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