Making A House A Home

We officially moved into our new house in December of last year. Since then, I’ve been working super hard to make this house my dream home.
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We officially moved into our new house in December of last year. Since then, I’ve been working super hard to make this house my dream home. I have so many things I want to do, I have to remind myself sometimes that I need to budget. Who would have though bar stools would be sooo f*cking expensive?

Now that we are a few months in, we’ve finally began to settle into things a little more. Don’t get me wrong, we still have an entire room that is filled with boxes and another that is completely empty, but we’re getting there.

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Making a house a home | my house

3 beds | 2 baths | 1,195 square-feet | Built in 1880 | Victorian

Location: Yeah, well I’m not going to triangulate my location that much. But, I will say that we live in a tiny town in Massachusetts. The so town is so tiny and random, we don’t even get mail delivered to our house. Yes, you read that right. No mailbox. We have to go to the post office … EVERYDAY. No one told us this when we were touring the house, when we were sighing for the house, or even after we bought the house. As you can tell, I’m still a little bitter.

Before we bought the house, it got a total make over. The custom redesign featured:new vaulted ceilings, a mudroom, crown moldings throughout, nd hardwood floors (BTW the floors are original to the house. AKA 140 years old. AKA I constantly feel like I’m going to fall through. But, they are reeaallly pretty… so I let it slide). There are also energy efficient windows, doors, new roof, natural gas heating system, plumbing, 200 amp electrical service. okay, boring stuff over.

Also, we have a brook in our back yard… its actually the cutest thing ever. I’m so excited for the weather to warm up a bit more so I can get outside and start gardening. HELLO window boxes. HELLO hydrangeas.

I don’t exactly know what I’d call my decorating style. It’s kinda like I know what I like when I see it. I really love the traditional New England vibe- classic décor that will look good over a number of years. I’m also really into details. One of my plans is to add wainscoting to the walls in the living room. I want to make sure I connect this house with its history. OH and a wallpaper statement wall! I really want one. the fiance, not so enthusiastic about it but I’ve been campaigning.


God, where would we be without Pinterest? If you’re interested, here’s my entire home décor inspiration board. I have another interior design board, I think I’ve had it since I created my account, but don’t use it as much. It’s funny to see house my taste in interior design has changed over the years.

I’ve painted a few rooms, but I’ll share that in a different post. Maybe I’ll do a room by room description of my plans and show what’s been done so far. Hmm, maybe not. I don’t know how ambitious I’ll be in these next few weeks. But then again, I have more time on my hands now than I have in that last few years. That was me thinking out loud. I’ll keep you updated lol.

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