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Sophie Marini shares the Botanical Collection by watercolorist, Riley Sheehey.
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Have you ever stumbled across an Instagram account and just instantly followed? Well, that was the case when I saw my first Riley Sheehey post. I couldn’t tell you what the post was- probably something fun like ballerinas with follower petals as their tutus. Whatever it was- it was love at first sight.

Riley Sheehey Botanical Series

It’s been three or four years since then, and I’m still obsessed. I’ve loved following her career and seeing her style develop. Most recently she’s introduced her first Botanical Collection and I instantly knew, no matter the price tag, I would own those prints.

I’ve been on a serious floral kick lately and had been kinda stalking them, and and counting down the hours until they were released. Anndd the second she did, I got them. and, in short: I’m beyond happy.

They look absolutely stunning against my bright blue walls. I can’t stop staring at them. They are currently in some old white frames I had hanging around the house in a 2 x 2 layout. Eventually, I’ll swap the frames out- most likely with some antique gold ones I find one FB marketplace.

?SIDE NOTE: She released more botanical prints this year! These have a totally different vibe (a bit more moody?) and will complement a more traditional and neutral space.

Click here to meet the 2022 Botanical Collection.

Watercolor botanical collection by Riley Sheehey

About Riley Sheehey

Riley Sheehey is a water colorist and multimedia artist from Falls Church, Virginia known for her colorful and whimsical illustrations. According to Sheehey, her designs are “inspired by vintage patterns, antique botanical prints, children’s literature, and the natural world.”

In 2014, while on summer break from her job as an elementary school art teacher, Riley started her art studio and quickly found success working with prestigious brands such as Soda Operandi, Dogwood Hill, Over the Moon, Sarah Flint NYC, and more.

Riley Sheehey designs and sells original works and prints as wells as ribbons, wallpaper, and fabric.

?Are you as obsessed with these watercolor floral prints as I am? Let me know in the comments!

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