Target Headbands You’ll Love For Spring

Sophie is sharing her favorite affordable Target headbands to style for the upcoming spring and summer seasons
Target Head Bands: Sophie wearing a Ratan headband from Target and white and blue toile printed dress
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Affordable Target Headbands

Today’s post is about two thing’s I love: Target and headbands. I might be aging myself, but I was a tween during the OG Gossip Girl days, and let me tell you, the headband trend grabbed onto me and never let go. Though I don’t let trend dictate what I wear, I did get VERY excited when headbands began to trend and get more popular because that meant there would be more for me to choose from. My teenage self is truly thriving.

Scroll on to shop my favorite Target headbands of the season.

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As you can imagine, I have quite the collection of headbands and they ranging from expensive to super cheap. Something I’ve noticed across the board is that many of them start to hurt after wearing them for an extended amount of time.

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That being said, I found that majority of the one’s I’ve purchased from Target are pretty comfy. They fit snug to the head but don’t dig in behind my ears. The best part? Target headbands are super affordable. Here are my favorites for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Are you loving the headband trend as much as I am? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m definitely a Target girl ! Used to work there so imagine how excited I’d get seeing the new shipments of trendy items ; great article & I’ll definitely be getting some cute headbands and hats

    1. Oh wow! My pay check would be gone as soon as I got it if I worked at Target. thanks for reading!

  2. I actually honestly never knew that Target sells headbands lol?? These are really cute and once I know it is okay to go out for sure once the quarantine is officially over I will definitely go to Target to buy some.

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