Sophie introduces the newest member of her family, a 3 month old Bernes Mountain Dog named Lambchop, and share his favorite toys and treats.
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Meet My Bernese Mountain Dog, Lambchop

Ahh. Hello, everyone. I’m beyond excited to formally introduce the newest member of the Marini family. Meet Lambchop. Just a little over a month ago, we met this little ham and instantly fell in love. As of now, he’s 3 months old and weighs 27.5 pounds. So, it’s safe to say he’s going to be a BIG guy.

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A little about Lambchop

He’s a purebred, AKC certificated Bernes Mountain Dog. We found a posting for puppies online and purchased him from a family up in New York. We have no idea how big he is going to get, but male Berners typically weigh anywhere from 80-120 pounds.

Lambchop is a little high maintenance, and has a bit of a bad case of separation anxiety…but we’re trying to work through that. He’s also the hangriest dog you’ll ever meet. Boy, does he LOVE his food. So when Lambchop wakes up at 5:30 AM and decides he wants breakfast, the entire house is up. We are working on it. I think it’s getting better? I hope it’s getting better.

Overall, he’s got such a great personality and isn’t too much of a monster. We’re working through the puppy chewing phase and potty training. I do want to take a moment to brag that he know: sit, lay down, and paw. *Proud mom moment*

Food & Treats

If you ask Jake, he’ll tell you that I’m a little nutty when I comes to Lamb’s food and treats. If you ask me, I’ll let you know that I focus on giving him the cleanest food available. I look for human-grade, non GMO, and grain free products whenever possible. I’ve found two really great brands: Open Farm and The Honest Kitchen. Nothing makes me happier than when there are only whole foods and no preservatives on the labels. In most cases, his treats consist of just one or two ingredients.


My dog is spoiled. SHOCKER. I mean, anyone could have guessed. When it comes to toys, I try to keep him both entertained and engaged- while also meeting his needs in terms of teething and brain stimulation. I found that having a variety of types of toys is really the key to this. So far, his favorites are his Kong, various rope toys, and a stuffed duck with a speaker.

I hoped you enjoyed meeting little Lamb. He’s growing so fast. I swear every time I come home from work he’s taller and fluffier. I can’t wait to bring you along his journey through puppyhood.

Do you have a pup? What kind? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Your puppy is sooo cute! I also love the name, Lambchop. My uncle used to have a golden retriever. Sadly he passed but he was such a cute puppy. I bet you just want to cuddle lampchop all the time, don’t you? hahah. thats how I felt about my uncle’s dog when he was young

    1. Ahh thank you so much! You’re so right. I could spend all day with the pup if I didn’t have to be a productive human.

  2. He s so so so cute. I really love pets, they are the furry buddies who help us keep the stress on the bay

  3. I would DIE for Lambchop (enter ten crying emojis)!! My parents have a Bernese mountain dog and I absolutely loved watching him grow up. Cutest puppies ever! Trying to convince my boyfriend to get a big dog, but he isn’t a fan. 🙁

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