Fall Traditions

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Happy Halloween! The more that I think about it, the more I’ve come to realize that fall is BY FAR my favorite season. Fall in New England is magical. From leaves changing to small road side farm stands selling pumpkins and mums, there is no where I’d rather be during the these autumnal months.

Fall is also a time filled with traditions and holidays, family and friends, and my favorite FOOD.

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Three Favorite Fall Traditions:

  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Homecoming
  • Apple Cider Everything

Is anyone else addicted to apple cider as much as I am? I need it all day, every day. Though it didn’t make my top three, Halloween and Thanksgiving are definitely up there too. Maybe a three way tie for third place?

Earlier this month we found the perfect little pumpkins at a road side pumpkin patch in Hadley, Ma. It was a cute, locally owned stand with an amazing selection of different colored, shaped, and sized pumpkins. Fun fact: my favorite pumpkins are usually the misfits. The weirdly colored and shaped ones.

Pumpkins + Halloween are the perfect pair.

I had to restrain myself and not buy every pumpkin in sight. But, we went with a specific mission: find the perfect pumpkin to carve. After careful consideration, I picked out what I thought was a small to medium sized pumpkin. Welp, nope. It turned out to be a twenty pound monster. As you can see by the following series of pictures…

Once the pumpkins were picked out it was time to carve! Well, to be honest… we didn’t end up carving them until a week later. But, nevertheless we carved them and they turned out super cute. Jake is a much better pumpkin cutter and gutter. I’m just really not a fan of touching the slimy insides.

Voila! Without further ado, here are our pumpkins. Mine is on the left and Jake’s is on the right.

Carved pumpkins

I can’t believe October will be over in just a few more hours. Wow, wow, wow. Well, until next time! Thanks for reading!

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