The Rachel Parcell Collection Review

Sophie reviews the Rachel Parcell Collection featuring feminine and classic designs and shares her top picks from the collection.
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Okay, I know I can’t be alone here. But, have you ever seen something and knew that you just haaadd to have it? Well, that’s me with basically everything in the Rachel Parcell Collection. The brand features the most gorgeous classic, feminine dresses. If you’re not familiar with the collection: buckle up because I’m about to give you a run down.

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Rachel Parcell Collection Review

The Rachel Parcell Collection can be best describes as classic, romantic, and whimsical. After having pieces from the collection for more than a year now, I can sum up my love for the collection into three words: color, silhouette, and quality.

When it comes to clothing, dresses especially, I love playing around with different colors and patterns. The RP Collection perfectly balances new, upcoming trends with the traditional and feminine styles I know and love. From florals and lace to denim jackets and bodycons, the RP Collection flawlessly blends trendy with traditional. The entire collection, from dresses to earrings, is timeless and will be look just as good years down the line.

For me, silhouette is KEY. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect dress, only to bring it home and find out the fit isn’t working for your body type. One of my favorite things about the RP Collection is that the clothes are made with a variety of body in mind.

I was really impressed by the quality of the clothes. My dress was made with a thick, sturdy material that I knew wasn’t going to cling or be an issue on a windy day. I have more than 40 dresses in my closet, so one might say, I’m a bit of dress snob. But, I can confidently say, this is one of the better constructed dresses I own at its price point.

When it comes to price, there is some variation from dress to dress based on material. However, most fall around $200. You can purchase the Rachel Parcell Collection on her website or from Nordstrom.

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My Rachel Parcell Collection Dress

If I could live in this dress, I totally would. As I mentioned before, one of the first things I noticed when trying on the dress was the quality of the material. While it’s a 100% polyester dress, you’d never know. Because polyester is typically such a light weight fabric, dresses tend to cling and be a little risky on a windy day. The dress’ thicker fabric and silhouette eliminates this issue.

When it comes to a puff sleeve, my motto is the puffier, the better. This dress certainly did not disappoint. The dress is 43″ and is meant to hit right below my knees. I ordered a size medium and found the sizing to run true to size. The fit and flare silhouette sat perfectly and accentuated my waist.

I know that this dress will be in my closet for years. It’s a fun spin on a classic dress that I know will stand the test of time and will always be in style.

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My Rachel Parcel Collection Picks

About Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell is CEO and creative director of the Rachel Parcell Collection. Rachel is also the author behind the blog Pink Peonies. Her blog features her family, fashion, life in Utah, and everything in between. Did you know? The Rachel Parcell Collection was co-founded with Tan France from Queer Eye. I started following Rachel about 4 years back and have been inspired by her ever since.

Do you own anything from the Rachel Parcell Collection? If so, which piece? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The dress Is so cute and the spring collection you picked is also beautiful! I have to tell you I’m in love with the heels you’re wearing with the dress! Well done Sophie

  2. I like the style and the floral print of the dress. It sure looks perfect to wear for Spring. I don’t have a lot of dresses, but I like ones that are comfortable and make me feel very feminine. I will check out these Rachel Parcell clothes line.

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