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Happy Friday, everyone! It’s officially been one month since I’ve been working from home. While I totally understand the importance of social distancing and limiting leaving the house, I’m beginning to get a little stir crazy. Today, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been loving to help me get through these last few weeks in my first ever Friday in Five post.

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To be perfectly honest, my beauty routine has been super minimal. I’m talking no makeup, hair styling, or even painting my nails. The absolute M I N I M U M. And, I kinda think my skin is loving it. Speaking of skin, my favorite beauty product this week has been my St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse. I know, this goes against my entire “doing the minimum” mantra. But, something about a tan makes me feel better. I can pretend that I’m soaking up the sunshine when in reality there is snow in the forecast tomorrow (I live in New England, I should be used to this… but I’m not).

I love this product because it’s super easy and quick. ALSO, I’m not orange. To use: I take a shower to wash my hair, shave, and exfoliate. Then I’ll put moisturize my knees, elbows, ankles, and any dry patches I might have. I apply the product with my applicator mitt and wait 3 hours while it develops. Compared to other tanners, its not nearly as sticky and dries pretty quick. After 3 hours, I jump back in the shower to rinse with semi-warm water and pat dry with a dark towel. The next day, I wake up and BOOM, I look like I just returned from a tropical vacation.


If you didn’t know, I recently moved into a new house and am in the renvo process. We still have boxes stacked, some walls aren’t painted, and it’s not nearly as together as I’d like. Now that many business are closed, we’ve had to take a major step back on the decorating front. Kinda a bummer, but again what can you do?

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Something that I LOVE to have around the house is fresh flowers. There is just something so amazing about having some blooms to brighten up and pull the space together. This week during my grocery store excursion, I picked up some vibrant yellow tulips for… wait for it… $3.50. Such a steal! Flowers always make me happy and I totally encourage you to pick some up if you ever feel a little down.


I’ve spent some quality time in the kitchen this week. And the theme? Dessert. Here’s what I made:

  1. “Strawberry Short Cake”
  2. Edible Cookie Dough
  3. Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Yum, is all I can say. Also, I should note: the strawberry short cake is in quotes because it was really just a yellow cake box mix with a warm strawberry reduction on top. I got a craving at like 8:00 pm, and used what I had in the pantry. No complaints though.  


Okay, if you read my spring wish list post, you know that I had my eye on a pink pair of heels. Well, I got them! I’m seriously in love. Let me introduce you to the Chinese Laundry Jonah Block Heel Sandal. If spring was a shoe, this is what it’d be. I cannot wait to wear them out and about this summer. Such a perfect pop of pink! Also, I should mention, they are on sale for under $40!

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I’ve been watching a lot to reality TV and Tik Tok videos. More than I’d like to admit. My mind must be turning into mush by now. So, to help stimulate my brain, I’ve incorporated two new apps into my daily life: Duolingo and Peak.

Duolingo is a free app that helps you learn a new language in a fun, game-like way. As someone who works in the marketing and non-profit industries, it’s becoming super important to incorporate Spanish into our everyday promotions. I took Spanish for six years throughout middle and high school. But can I hold a conversation? No. But, I’m learning!

Peak is a brain training app which features daily “workouts” in categories such as language, memory, focus, mental agility, and more. Some days I crush it, others ehh not so much. Let me tell you, some of those workouts are hard. Either way, I love doing something that is keeping my mind sharp and helping me improve in a fun way.


What are you doing to keep your sanity and pass the time at home? What are your Friday five? Let me know in the comments?

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  1. Totally letting go of beauty routines right now and it feels great. I think it’s wonderful to take a break from those every now and then. Also, that cinnamon swirl bread sounds amazing!

  2. I absolutely love that self-tan! Have you tried their Purity range? It’s not AS dark but the great thing is that you don’t have to wash it off! And those heels are so cute, definitely my style.

  3. Peak sounds like a really interesting app! I have been experiencing something I call “quarantine brain” – very forgetful and feeling mentally dull. I am going to give it a try to help!

  4. I’m starting to feel a bit out of wack from being home as well. I wear zero makeup as well and I don’t think I’ve worn anything other than sweatpants and pjs in weeks! It’s kind of hard to find inspiration!

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