Yankee Candle Village

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Yankee Candle Village

Location: South Deerfield, Ma

Date: August 18, 2019

Have you ever wanted the Christmas season to last all year long? Well, you’re in luck! This past weekend, I continued my exploration of Western Massachusetts and paid a visit to the iconic Yankee Candle Village. It was a 40(ish) minute drive to South Deerfield- not bad at all considering we regularly drive about 35 minutes to Trader Joe’s.

 With absolutely no idea what we were walking into, we ventured into the village and I was in awe. Map in hand, we began exploring this place of traveling room to room and holiday to holiday. Entering into the General Store section, the first thing that struck me was the old timey, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Map of Yankee Candle Village
Here is the map we were handed. I still can’t believe all this was there.
General store candy at Yankee Candle Village

My absolute favorite part of the entire store was the Black Forest. The dim lighting coupled with twinkling Christmas trees made for a truly magical experience. Best of all, every four minutes snow falls down from the ceiling and you best believe I HAD to stand right under the flurries… twice.

Black Forest wayfinding sign at Yankee Candle Village

Our journey continued and we made our way through more rooms- each with their own unique theme and products to match. I couldn’t believe how much there was to do there- from their very own Build a Bear Workshop to their Candle Emporium (where you can make your very own custom candle).

Yankee Candy room at Yankee Candle Village
Donut ornaments

Though we left empty-handed, this was worth the 40 minute drive.

If you’re from New England, I’d love to know your recommendations of where to explore next! Let me know in the comments!

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